[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 04/47] clover/llvm: Collect #ifdef mess into a separate file.

Vedran Miletić vedran at miletic.net
Tue Jul 12 19:19:21 UTC 2016

09.07.2016 u 00:10, Jan Vesely je napisao/la:
> we still get 'macro redefined' complains from the compiler. and if
> anyone adds ifdef DEBUG code in the future it will cause unexpected
> behaviour.
> this goes for every file that includes llvm headers. it'd be nicer to
> get mesa (and llvm) to stop using generic macro names, but I don't
> think that's on anybody's todo list.
> it was just a suggestion, feel free to ignore it.
> Jan

I love cleaning stuff like that and can provide a patch changing DEBUG 
to e.g. MESA_DEBUG, if that would solve the problem on Mesa's side.


Vedran Miletić

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