[Mesa-dev] Mesa 11.2.0 release candidate 4

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 01:11:00 UTC 2016

Hi all,

As most of you have noticed it's been a while since Mesa 11.2.0 rc3. So without
further ado here is the fourth and final release candidate for Mesa 11.2.0.

I'm planning for the final release to be out this Friday (1st of April) around
16 PM GMT.

Please let me know if I've missed anything or there is something urgent that
you'd like to have before the release.

Anuj Phogat (2):
      meta: Fix the pbo usage in meta for GLES{1,2} contexts
      i965: Fix assert conditions for src/dst x/y offsets

Christian König (1):
      radeon/uvd: disable MPEG1

Daniel Czarnowski (1):
      egl: support EGL_LARGEST_PBUFFER in eglCreatePbufferSurface(...)

Emil Velikov (3):
      egl/x11: check the return value of xcb_dri2_get_buffers_reply()
      Revert "meta: Fix the pbo usage in meta for GLES{1,2} contexts"
      Update version to 11.2.0-rc4

Francisco Jerez (3):
      i965/fs: Add missing analysis invalidation in opt_sampler_eot().
      i965/fs: Add missing analysis invalidation in fixup_3src_null_dest().
      i965/vec4: Consider removal of no-op MOVs as progress during
register coalesce.

Hans de Goede (1):
      clover: Fix pipe_grid_info.indirect not being initialized.

Ilia Mirkin (11):
      swrast: fix GL_ANY_SAMPLES_PASSED values in Result
      nvc0: reset TFB bufctx when we no longer hold a reference to the buffers
      glsl: avoid stack smashing when there are too many attributes
      nvc0: fix blit triangle size to fully cover FB's > 8192x8192
      nv50: reset TFB bufctx when we no longer hold a reference to the buffers
      nv50/ir: force-enable derivatives on TXD ops
      nv50/ir: normalize cube coordinates after derivatives have been computed
      st/mesa: only minify depth for 3d targets
      nv50/ir: fix indirect texturing for non-array textures on nvc0
      nvc0/ir: fix picking of coordinates from tex instruction for textureGrad
      nvc0: disable primitive restart and index bias during blits

Jordan Justen (2):
      i965/fs: Allow spilling for SIMD16 compute shaders
      i965/hsw: Initialize SLM index in state register

Kenneth Graunke (4):
      i965: Only magnify depth for 3D textures, not array textures.
      i965: Push most TES inputs in vec4 mode.
      i965: Fix gl_TessLevelOuter[] for isolines.
      i965: Fix brw_render_cache_set_check_flush's PIPE_CONTROLs.

Marek Olšák (2):
      gallium/radeon: don't use temporary buffers for persistent mappings
      radeonsi: fix Hyper-Z hangs on P2 configs

Nicolai Hähnle (3):
      r600g: clear compressed_depthtex/colortex_mask when binding buffer texture
      radeonsi: avoid crash when a sampler state is bound for a buffer texture
      st/mesa: use the texture view's format for render-to-texture

Nishanth Peethambaran (2):
      st/omx: Remove trailing spaces
      st/omx/dec: Correct the timestamping

Roland Scheidegger (3):
      softpipe: fix anisotropic filtering crash
      draw: fix line stippling
      llvmpipe: fix lp_rast_plane alignment on 32bit

Samuel Pitoiset (2):
      tgsi: fix parsing of shared memory declarations
      nvc0: make sure to delete samplers used by compute shaders

Tamil velan (1):
      radeon/uvd: increase max height to 4096 for VI and newer

Thomas Hellstrom (2):
      winsys/svga: Fix an uninitialized return value
      winsys/svga: Increase the fence timeout

xavier (1):
      r600/sb: Do not distribute neg in expr_handler::fold_assoc()
when folding multiplications.

git tag: mesa-11.2.0-rc4

MD5: a5c3fbcb0721958f44dd0044fe4d0137  mesa-11.2.0-rc4.tar.gz
SHA1: 0c2eb7ed5aa40157d08f7a3a8be3e7aa652c80cc  mesa-11.2.0-rc4.tar.gz
SHA256: 0dec9eb9f2a39009958eedf0c50f0ffa3cd8de11041042c45d35677f24111f56
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.2.0/mesa-11.2.0-rc4.tar.gz.sig

MD5: 4eb233d8ef689c8cd12931039389fd81  mesa-11.2.0-rc4.tar.xz
SHA1: cfb8c43609508028e0b3db8415e643a559025978  mesa-11.2.0-rc4.tar.xz
SHA256: 3bd78de2c95ea046c8fd2aebf54d8cfa52173046fb65b63118dd4fae8c16b95a
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.2.0/mesa-11.2.0-rc4.tar.xz.sig


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