[Mesa-dev] GBM backend dynamic dispatch method

Yu, Qiang Qiang.Yu at amd.com
Thu May 12 02:45:00 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Qiang Yu, I'm a developer of amdgpu-pro driver.

As you know the amdgpu-pro adopts some open source part like GBM but due to its

close source OGL part, we implement our own GBM backend.

Currently libgbm only support static selection of GBM backend by GBM_BACKEND,

so for the hybrid GPU case like Intel iGPU + AMD dGPU and AMD dGPU is drived

by amdgpu-pro, it's not convenient for client to switch backend all the time and even

impossible for applications that need to deal with both GPUs like the XServer.

So I'm wondering a dynamic dispatch method and hope it can go upstream to the libgbm:

1. create a /etc/gbm/xxx.conf for libgbm to read when none default backend needed

2. the content should be like: <kernel driver name>:<gbm backend name>

    In the amdgpu-pro case, the content is: amdgpu:gbm_amdgpu.so

This method need libgbm use libdrm to determine the FD kernel driver first.

Any feedback on this method and the hope to go upstream?



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