[Mesa-dev] GL4.5 or bust...

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Mon May 16 15:14:03 UTC 2016

On May 16, 2016 1:53 AM, "Kenneth Graunke" <kenneth at whitecape.org> wrote:
> On Monday, May 16, 2016 6:32:11 AM PDT Dave Airlie wrote:
> > So I said this on irc over the weekend and it seemed like we had some
> > consensus on holding off 12.0 until we could announce 4.5 on some
> > hardware. This assumes the FP64 stuff is going in at least.
> >
> > So I decided to roll out the proposal here, which is that we finish
> > GL4.5 features off for at least Skylake I think.
> Personally, I think it makes the most sense to proceed with the
> time-based release as planned.  We've already packed a ton of great
> things into it...i965 will jump from 3.3 to 4.2, and the other drivers
> have made significant strides as well.  I'd like to have an i965 GL 4.x
> release sooner rather than later.

The three things I would absolutely like to land in 12.0 are: attrib64 so
we can get 4.2, Curro's spilling *compiler* fixes (we can land those later
and back-port if needed), and a set of format cleanups in the Vulkan driver
I plan to send today.

Beyond that, I agree that landing SIMD32 would be really nice and worth
delaying by a week but no more.  Getting actual 4.5 it looks like will take
longer to do properly.

> I might be inclined to push it back a week or so if that would help us
> land SIMD32 (only for compute, and only when required).  Then i965/Gen8+
> could enable ARB_compute_shader and claim 4.3.  Supposedly Curro has most
> of that code written, and Jason's offered to review it as soon as
> A lot of applications seem to rely on GL 4.3 and compute shaders.
> I'm all for rushing to GL 4.5, but why not do it in master after the
> branch point?  We can always pull in the next release if we want, rather
> than pushing this one out.  Looking ahead...we've got a bunch going on:
> - Finishing GL 4.5
> - Finishing ES 3.2
> - Landing Tim's shader cache
> - More performance work
> - Porting features to more platforms (i.e. fp64 on Haswell/Ivybridge)
> I think we could knock out a bunch of that out in another 3 months, and
> it'd make for a pretty great 12.1 release.  I also think that varying
> packing is going to continue to bite us, and feel like we're going to
> have to rewrite that in order to have a good quality 4.4
> implementation...
> That's just my current thinking, anyway.  I'm not sure what's best.
> --Ken
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