[Mesa-dev] GL4.5 or bust...

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon May 16 21:24:19 UTC 2016

On 05/15/2016 01:32 PM, Dave Airlie wrote:
> So I said this on irc over the weekend and it seemed like we had some
> consensus on holding off 12.0 until we could announce 4.5 on some
> hardware. This assumes the FP64 stuff is going in at least.
> So I decided to roll out the proposal here, which is that we finish
> GL4.5 features off for at least Skylake I think.
> So what is needed/missing: please add as you see fit.
> a) robustness - radeonsi has some bits of this. We need to get
> KHR_robustness bits, that I think Kayden has patches started for, and
> i965 needs to ensure it uses robust buffer stuff. I don't think this
> one in unobtainable.
> b) cull_distance - I merged something, it broke, I'll fix it today, job done.
> c) enhanced_layouts - So tarceri has posted patches, we know that to
> do it properly we probably need to rip up attribute packing and
> rewrite it, however if Kayden thinks what tarceri has done is
> functional enough for now, we could merge the final pieces and work on
> perfection later.
> d) SIMD32 for i965 compute shaders - this is probably the most unknown
> to me, curro says he's got some patches, that need to rebase onto FP64
> when it lands, assuming he can do that, and reviewers can get on top
> of things, and we possibly only enable SIMD32 in the corner cases
> initially, it might be possible to get this landed.
> Have I missed anything? Should we go for it?

One other thing... if we start advertising GL 4.4 or GL 4.5, I believe
we are obligated to pass conformance.  I know you've been working on it,
but I suspect there's still a non-trivial amount of work to be done.

> For radeonsi, I think the only other missing bit is qbo and
> clear_texture, which may or may not make it in time.
> Dave.
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