[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2 2/4] st/omx_tizonia: Add --enable-omx-tizonia flag and build files

Leo Liu leo.liu at amd.com
Tue Aug 15 14:38:26 UTC 2017

>>     Apart from these patches, at least two more will be needed for
>>     the project. One for adding H.264 enc and other for adding
>>     EGLImage support to H.264 dec.
>>     Since I keep revising the commits quite frequently I'll give the
>>     link to the branch https://github.com/gpalsingh/mesa/commits/gsoc
>>     <https://github.com/gpalsingh/mesa/commits/gsoc>
>     Good to see them, then why did you send them to review as well?
>     not working well or other reason?
> Indeed they still got a little bit of work. For instance the enc fails 
> at EOS https://github.com/gpalsingh/mesa/issues/4 and using EGLImage 
> shows wrong colours https://github.com/gpalsingh/mesa/issues/6
> Also Julien suggested that we make it step by step i.e. Fix decoder 
> and then get it reviewed and then same steps for enc and EGLImage.
>     And why don't you include mpeg2 and hevc to your project, and then
>     after performance test, it could be replacing bellagio completely.
> The major aim of this project was to add EGLImage support. Except the 
> two components adding other components was optional from the start.

All the Bellagio's functionalities have to be met with Tizonia, before 
it get removed.

> Also hasn't been as straightforward as expected. Significant amount of 
> time was spent on making gst-omx OMX IL 1.2 conformant. Tizonia needed 
> some work since it was intended for mostly audio related uses. Each 
> new component will need a bit of work in these libs too.

It seems to me that we couldn't replace Bellagio, at least in short 
term. In this case, if both are existing, refactors are highly preferred.


> Cheers
>     Regards,
>     Leo
>>     Cheers
>>         Regards,
>>         Leo
>>>             The left stuff compared to bellagio are codecs of mpeg2
>>>             and hevc, and encoding that is more important, since the
>>>             most usage for omx currently is to use transcoding from
>>>             one codec to another.
>>>             Other is the transcoding performance,  at least meet the
>>>             performance of bellagio's.
>>>             If the above could be addressed at early time,  we could
>>>             remove Bellagio completely, then there is no need to do
>>>             any refactor now.
>>>         The original plan was this but making gst-omx  OMX IL 1.2
>>>         compatible has been a bit time consuming.

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