[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/17] LLVM fixes, round 999

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 22:44:42 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Here is hopefully the final round of LLVM build fixes which should 
address both Jose and Dave's concerns to not touch any source code.

In return the configure.ac changes ended up be twice as large, but 
overall fine. Considering that most of those must land in stable.

In gist -> enable-gallium-llvm has been updated to mean enable-llvm [as 
per Dave] meaning that RADV now requires it. Additionally the 
defines/CFLAGS/LIBS are set only when the toggle is set.

The final two patches of the series address the actual deprecation of 
--enable-gallium-llvm in favour of --enable-llvm.

Do give the series a look and test on your end. I've fuzzed things 
quite a few times although I may have missed something.


Emil Velikov (14):
  configure.ac: remove unused AC_SUBST([MESA_LLVM])
  configure.ac: move AC_ARG_ENABLE([gallium-llvm] hunk further up
  configure.ac: Rename the  gallium_require_llvm helper
  configure.ac: Mandate --enable-gallium-llvm when checking LLVM version
  configure.ac: Remove artificial --enable-gallium-llvm dependency
  configure.ac: remove unused LLVM variables
  configure.ac: don't use == with test
  Revert "configure.ac: Create correct LLVM_VERSION_INT with minor >=
  configure.ac: set LLVM_{C, CXX, LD}FLAGS only as needed
  configure.ac: disable enable_gallium_llvm in the !x86 case
  configure.ac: correctly manage llvm auto-detection
  configure.ac: remove dummy radeon_gallium_llvm_check()
  configure.ac: supersede --enable-gallium-llvm over --enable-llvm
  st/nine: update configure options in the README

Tobias Droste (3):
  configure.ac: Don't check LLVM version in require_llvm
  configure.ac: Rework MESA_LLVM and LLVM detection
  configure.ac: Only define HAVE_LLVM if LLVM is used

 Makefile.am                            |   2 +-
 configure.ac                           | 155 ++++++++++++++++-----------------
 docs/releasing.html                    |   2 +-
 src/gallium/state_trackers/nine/README |   3 +-
 4 files changed, 77 insertions(+), 85 deletions(-)


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