[Mesa-dev] radv: Initial implementation of VK_EXT_queue_global_priority

Andres Rodriguez andresr at valvesoftware.com
Wed Jan 4 03:28:01 UTC 2017

Hey Guys,

One of my first non-trivial contributions to mesa here. Let me know if I've messed up anything, bad coding style or some patch validation script I should've run or any other kind of pitfall a newbie might make.

I tried to follow the guidelines over at:

Although some of them seen to not apply anymore (radv code was tabs instead of 3 spaces).

Thanks for taking the time to review :)


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To: mesa-dev at lists.freedesktop.org
Subject: [Mesa-dev] radv: Initial implementation of     VK_EXT_queue_global_priority

This patch series implements VK_EXT_queue_global_priority, a vulkan extension
that focuses on providing scheduling guarantees.

For further information on the use case refer to:

For some perf data on this initial implementation:

Test apps available at:

Related amdgpu and libdrm_amdgpu patches can be found on the amd-gfx mailing list.

Additionaly, results for vk-cts -n *semaphore* on an RX480:

Test run totals:
  Passed:        1821/4046 (45.0%)
  Failed:        0/4046 (0.0%)
  Not supported: 2225/4046 (55.0%)
  Warnings:      0/4046 (0.0%)

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