[Mesa-dev] [RFC] r600/evergreen compute shader + glsl 4.30 support

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 04:36:09 UTC 2017

This set of patches enables compute shaders on r600 and exposes GLSL 4.30
support. They are pretty alpha level, but I'd like to land some of them
(maybe disabled) so I can avoid the rebasing fun with the more intrusive

It is based on the previous ssbo support patch.

It may not be stable, I have a few patches sitting on top locally
for flushing various things I want to figure out if they are required or
if I can fix things properly.

It for some reason fails to launch compute on cayman and hangs instead,
I've got some traces from fglrx, just need to take time to work out what
crashes, I've tested it on CAICOS mostly.

It also along with robustness I think lets us expose GLES3.1 so we get
deqp to test stuff. (deqp *compute* is at about 90% passing)


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