[Mesa-dev] GBM and the Device Memory Allocator Proposals

Nicolai Hähnle nhaehnle at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 09:21:15 UTC 2017

On 30.11.2017 01:09, Miguel Angel Vico wrote:
>>> It seems to me that $new_thing should grow as a separate thing whether
>>> it ends up replacing GBM or GBM internals are somewhat rewritten on top
>>> of it. If I'm reading you both correctly, you agree with that, so in
>>> order to move forward, should we go ahead and create a project in fd.o?
>>> Before filing the new project request though, we should find an
>>> appropriate name for $new_thing. Creativity isn't one of my strengths,
>>> but I'll go ahead and start the bikeshedding with "Generic Device
>>> Memory Allocator" or "Generic Device Memory Manager".
>> liballoc - Generic Device Memory Allocator ... seems reasonable to me..
> Cool. If there aren't better suggestions, we can go with that. We
> should also namespace all APIs and structures. Is 'galloc' distinctive
> enough to be used as namespace? Being an 'r' away from gralloc maybe
> it's a bit confusing?

libgalloc with a galloc prefix seems fine.

>> I think it is reasonable to live on github until we figure out how
>> transitions work.. or in particular are there any thread restrictions
>> or interactions w/ gl context if transitions are done on the gpu or
>> anything like that?  Or can we just make it more vulkan like w/
>> explicit ctx ptr, and pass around fence fd's to synchronize everyone??
>>   I haven't thought about the transition part too much but I guess we
>> should have a reasonable idea for how that should work before we start
>> getting too many non-toy users, lest we find big API changes are
>> needed..
> Seems fine, but I would like to get other people other than NVIDIANs
> involved giving feedback on the design as we move forward with the
> prototype.
> Due to lack of a better list, is it okay to start sending patches to
> mesa-dev? If that's a too broad audience, should I just CC specific
> individuals that have somewhat contributed to the project?

Keeping it on mesa-dev seems like the best way to ensure the relevant 
people actually see it.

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