[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v4 0/2] build system: Unify c++11 detection and used [was: configure+mesa/st:check -std=c++11 support and enable tests accordingly]

Chuck Atkins chuck.atkins at kitware.com
Tue Oct 17 15:54:32 UTC 2017

> I also think adding a test for each C++11 feature used in the code is
too tedious, regardless of the build system, and it would really need a
> dedicated maintainer.

Certainly.  Rather than checking for everything, I think a code snippet
that just includes a few c++11-only headers would be sufficient and just
assume if those are there then you have a working c++11 std library.
That's all we're doing with the std=c++11 check anyways; i.e. we're
assuming that there's no need to specifically check for support of
range-for loops and lambda expressions separately.  Partial standard
implementation is less of an issue these days I think than in the early
C++11 years.

- Chuck
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