[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/13] Implement INTEL_shader_atomic_float_minmax

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Mon Aug 13 19:57:13 UTC 2018


I've pushed a rebased version of the branch to the cgit below.

On 06/22/2018 10:03 PM, Ian Romanick wrote:
> I initially started implementing support for NV_shader_atomic_float.  I
> had misunderstood the hardware specs, and Intel hardware cannot actually
> do that extension.  It does have some floating-point atomic support, so
> I decided to create an extension based on what the hardware actually can
> do.  I discussed this with some guys at AMD and NVIDIA, and it seems
> nobody else can do these things.
> Tests have been sent to the piglit mailing list.  SPIR-V and Vulkan
> extensions are also on the way, but they are taking a bit longer to
> author.  I've already encountered on rebase related problem, so I don't
> want to sit on this much longer.
> The code is here:
>     https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~idr/mesa/log/?h=INTEL_shader_atomic_float_minmax
> and the tests are here:
>     https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~idr/piglit/log/?h=INTEL_shader_atomic_float_minmax
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