[Mesa-dev] Etnaviv on mesa master vs. Array._DrawVAO

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Fri Aug 31 10:40:01 UTC 2018

I'm looking into forward porting laanwj's patches for GC7000 support to
current mesa master. Luckily most of it already got merged last November
with mostly only the texture descriptor support missing(

Putting this on current master leads to this assertion in mesa when running kmscube like:

    kmscube: ../src/gallium/drivers/etnaviv/etnaviv_state.c:536: etna_vertex_elements_state_create: Assertion `element_size != 0 && end_offset <= 256' failed.

Printing the value there gives:

    etna_vertex_elements_state_create:535: size: 12, offset: 0, end_offset: 12
    etna_vertex_elements_state_create:535: size: 12, offset: 576, end_offset: 588

And the bt is:

       Stack trace of thread 2158:
       #0  0x0000ffffa93427c0 raise (libc.so.6)
       #1  0x0000ffffa934274c raise (libc.so.6)
       #2  0x0000ffffa9343bac abort (libc.so.6)
       #3  0x0000ffffa933bd2c n/a (libc.so.6)
       #4  0x0000ffffa933bdac __assert_fail (libc.so.6)
       #5  0x0000ffffa8de468c etna_vertex_elements_state_create (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #6  0x0000ffffa8757178 u_vbuf_set_vertex_elements_internal (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #7  0x0000ffffa875726c u_vbuf_set_vertex_elements (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #8  0x0000ffffa8711bcc cso_set_vertex_elements (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #9  0x0000ffffa8b28760 set_vertex_attribs (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #10 0x0000ffffa8b28c9c st_update_array (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #11 0x0000ffffa8ad4e44 st_validate_state (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #12 0x0000ffffa8a1e410 prepare_draw (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #13 0x0000ffffa8a1e488 st_draw_vbo (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #14 0x0000ffffa8a0ea9c vbo_draw_arrays (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #15 0x0000ffffa8a0f408 vbo_exec_DrawArrays (imx-drm_dri.so)
       #16 0x0000ffffa953f7e0 glDrawArrays (libGLESv2.so.2)
       #17 0x0000aaaad7e62ea0 draw_cube_smooth (kmscube)
       #18 0x0000aaaad7e64160 atomic_run (kmscube)
       #19 0x0000ffffa93306e0 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6)
       #20 0x0000aaaad7e621fc $x (kmscube)
       #21 0x0000aaaad7e621fc $x (kmscube)

I've traced this back to this commit:

    19a91841c347107d877bc750371c5fa4e9b4de19 is the first bad commit
    commit 19a91841c347107d877bc750371c5fa4e9b4de19
    Author: Mathias Fröhlich <mathias.froehlich at web.de>
    Date:   Sun Apr 1 20:18:36 2018 +0200

        st/mesa: Use Array._DrawVAO in st_atom_array.c.

        Finally make use of the binding information in the VAO when
        setting up arrays for draw.

        v2: Emit less relocations also for interleaved userspace arrays.

        Reviewed-by: Brian Paul <brianp at vmware.com>
        Signed-off-by: Mathias Fröhlich <Mathias.Froehlich at web.de>

And indeed commits prior to that one work as expected. Any hints what
would be the right fix to not trigger the assert?

 -- Guido

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