[Mesa-dev] i915/swrast vertex array regression

Mathias Fröhlich Mathias.Froehlich at gmx.net
Tue Jul 31 06:29:18 UTC 2018

Hi Ville,

> I noticed a while back that xonotic had started to misrender the gun
> models on i915. Yesterday I bisected it down to commit 64d2a2048054
> ("mesa: Make gl_vertex_array contain pointers to first order VAO
> members."). Actually that commit broke things even worse (and the
> game would even crash after a while), but a later commit (presumably
> 98f35ad63c23 ("vbo: Correctly handle source arrays in vbo_split_copy.")
> fixed things a little bit. But even with current master the guns are
> still being misrendered. I also verified that the same breakage was
> visible with swrast, whereas llvmpipe and i965 seemed ok.
> To reproduce you can run 'xonotic-glx -benchmark demos/the-big-keybench.dem' 
> and wait until the guy picks up the mortar (I think that's what its
> called) which is maybe the third gun he picks up in that demo. The gun 
> is supposed to have some red color on it but now it has green.

I tried to reproduce that problem using classic swrast.
Some variants of last weeks git master show the exact same
pictures than  swrast using the last good commit from your bisect.
So, basically I can't reproduce the problem here.
The xonotic version I used is 0.8,2 which is the one delivered
with fedora 28.

Can you provide some more detail?
Lets start with your version of xonotic you use.

best and thanks


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