[Mesa-dev] i915/swrast vertex array regression

Mathias Fröhlich Mathias.Froehlich at gmx.net
Mon Jul 23 17:05:20 UTC 2018

Hi Ville,

> I noticed a while back that xonotic had started to misrender the gun
> models on i915. Yesterday I bisected it down to commit 64d2a2048054
> ("mesa: Make gl_vertex_array contain pointers to first order VAO
> members."). Actually that commit broke things even worse (and the
> game would even crash after a while), but a later commit (presumably
> 98f35ad63c23 ("vbo: Correctly handle source arrays in vbo_split_copy.")
> fixed things a little bit. But even with current master the guns are
> still being misrendered. I also verified that the same breakage was
> visible with swrast, whereas llvmpipe and i965 seemed ok.
> To reproduce you can run 'xonotic-glx -benchmark demos/the-big-keybench.dem' 
> and wait until the guy picks up the mortar (I think that's what its
> called) which is maybe the third gun he picks up in that demo. The gun 
> is supposed to have some red color on it but now it has green.
> It looked like there's already a bunch of stuff piled on top of the
> regression so reverting didn't seem entirely trivial, and thus I didn't
> bother trying.

I'll take a look!
And no - reverting depends on too much.


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