[Mesa-dev] GitLab migration update

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Sat Jun 2 15:45:44 UTC 2018


I just wanted to give a quick status update and planned timeline for the
GitLab move.  In case you missed the original e-mail (and lively
discussion), you can find it here:


If you have not yet set up your gitlab SSH keys, please follow the
instructions in that e-mail to do so soon.

If you're on the Cc list for this e-mail, it's because you're either Daniel
or you have been selected to be a "master" of the mesa group on GitLab.
This means that you should have the ability to add and remove users,
lock/unlock branches, and generally do super-user type things.  More
information can be found in this e-mail:


Ok, now for the actual update...

My current plan (if Daniel is amenable) is to due the migration late next
week.  I'm tentatively thinking Thursday morning pacific but that may
change depending on Daniel's schedule.

When the migration happens, there will be a very brief (less than 30
minutes?) period during which no one will be able to push to either repo.
I'll fire off an e-mail as well as messages in #dri-devel and #intel-3d
shortly before we actually take the repo offline so that everyone has a bit
of warning.  Once the transition is complete, you'll have to change the git
remote you use for pushing to point to gitlab.  That should be the ONLY
change to your current workflow and otherwise things should continue to
work smoothly.  If someone accidentally tries to push to the remote on
git.freedesktop.org, the push will fail and they will receive a message
reminding them to push to gitlab instead.

When the mesa repo gets imported into gitlab, I will be disabling all of
the "fancy" features such as merge requests, wikis, issue tracking, etc.
They are there for us to use if we want, but the first change to make is
simply going to be a repo hosting change.


--Jason Ekstrand
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