[Mesa-dev] GitLab Migration: Users and Groups

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Wed May 30 16:15:06 UTC 2018


As part of the move to GitLab, we have a few decisions to make regarding
users and groups.

Question 1: Who should be masters?

Gitlab divides users into three categories per-project: Guests, Developers,
and Masters.  In general, developers and masters will have push access.
Masters have the ability to add developers to the project.  Masters will
also have the ability to unlock the branch, force-push, and then re-lock if
needed.  I'm going to nominate the following people for masters:

Brian Paul
Marek Oslak
Eric Anholt
Jason Ekstrand
Ken Graunke
Jose Fonseca
Ian Romanick
Dave Airlie
Matt Turner
Ilia Mirkin
Nicolai Hahnle
Rob Clark

If you think anyone else, including yourself, should be a master, feel free
to nominate more.  We probably don't want everyone to be masters but we
want enough that we don't have trouble finding one when someone needs to be
added as a developer.

Question 2: Should we drop developer privileges from old accounts?

I think the answer is probably yes.  As a straw-man, I propose we drop
developer privileges (push access) from anyone who has been inactive for
over two years.  It's trivially easy to give old developers their push
access back if they show back up with patches.  I would further propose
that if an old developer shows up who had a good track-record in the past
that we just give them their commit access back without them having to get
another two dozen patches landed first.

I'm happy to hear people's thoughts on either of the above questions.

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