[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106915] [GLSL] Unused arrays declared without a size should be handled like arrays of size 1.

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--- Comment #6 from Ian Romanick <idr at freedesktop.org> ---
> (In reply to Jason Ekstrand from comment #3)
> > I really hate it, but I fear they may be allowed.  From the GLSL 4.60 spec
> > in the section on UBO and SSBO layouts:
> > 
> > > The shared qualifier overrides only the std140, std430, and packed
> > > qualifiers; other qualifiers are inherited. The compiler/linker will
> > > ensure that multiple programs and programmable stages containing this
> > > definition will share the same memory layout for this block, as long
> > > as all arrays are declared with explicit sizes and all matrices have
> > > matching row_major and/or column_major qualifications (which may come
> > > from a declaration outside the block definition).

s[] is either illegal or it is implicitly sized as though it we s[1]. 
Therefore either linking fails (as we currently do) or the application gets
zero guarantees about the layout of the SSBO regardless of the declared layout
qualifiers because a different shader using the same declaration may implicitly
size s[] to a different size.

This bug is about whether s[] is a link-time error or an implicit size of 1. 
The quoted text above has absolutely nothing to do with that because it
requires that s[] be explicitly sized.

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