[Mesa-dev] RFC about anv change that should be applicable to radv

Tapani Pälli tapani.palli at intel.com
Wed Jun 27 08:40:45 UTC 2018


On 06/13/2018 09:32 AM, Mauro Rossi wrote:
> +Samuel Pitoiset
> 2018-06-11 22:31 GMT+02:00 Mauro Rossi <issor.oruam at gmail.com 
> <mailto:issor.oruam at gmail.com>>:
>     Hi Bas,
>     commit [1] removed a check on 'supported' attribute in
>     src/intel/vulkan/anv_entrypoints_gen.py
>     Should the check on 'supported' attribute be removed also in
>     src/amd/vulkan/radv_entrypoints_gen.py ?


>     Thanks for your feedback
>     Mauro
>     [1]
>     https://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=63525ba730e3d8a466d7f6382a2b91f4c75dd171
>     <https://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=63525ba730e3d8a466d7f6382a2b91f4c75dd171>
> Hi Sam, Bas,
> there is an important matter regarding Android builds (android-x86)
> I have a series of patches for Android makefiles to build radv for that 
> platform,
> they are building but they require the change in 
> src/amd/vulkan/radv_entrypoints_gen.py
> to have the necessary entrypoints and vulkan apps starting to work.
> What I forgot to say is that I have the Android building rules ready to 
> submit to mesa-dev,
> but they require to build libLLVM with a different name e.g libLLVM60 or 
> libLLVM_mesa and set the correct HAVE_LLVM properly
> The patches themselves would break the Android build for Intel, because 
> amd tree is built unconditionally,
> but the libLLVM"for mesa" shared library is not in place in AOSP, Intel 
> builds and not even in android-x86 oreo,

This *should* not be a problem for us since it's the dependencies set in 
product.mk that define what libraries will be built. Android-IA 
(nowadays "Celadon") should just not then list the library name built 
for radv.

One issue is that anv currently builds as 
'vulkan.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM)' which is very generic, we should 
probably have something like vulkan.anv.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM) instead 
and then use ro.hardware.vulkan=vulkan.anv.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM) in 
device.mk so that Android finds it (?)

> so I wanted to start discussing about how to integrate ravd for Android 
> in a way that does not break other drivers builds,
> if there are other interested users.
> Mauro

// Tapani

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