[Mesa-dev] [Mesa-stable] [PATCH] radv: Fix driver UUID SHA1 init.

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 15:47:30 UTC 2018

On 21 September 2018 at 08:19, Juan A. Suarez Romero
<jasuarez at igalia.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2018-09-20 at 20:16 +0200, Bas Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 7:33 PM Eric Engestrom <eric.engestrom at intel.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > On Thursday, 2018-09-20 19:17:57 +0200, Bas Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
>> > > Was missing the init, found by Emil.
>> > >
>> > > Fixes: d17443a4593 "radv: Use build ID if available for cache UUID."
>> >
>> > Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom <eric.engestrom at intel.com>
>> >
>> > > CC: <mesa-stable at lists.freedesktop.org>
>> >
>> > Cc'ing mesa-stable has no effect when you're already adding the
>> > proper Fixes: tag :)
>> Last time I asked about the difference between Fixes and CC, the
>> conclusion I got that Fixes is only best effort for the stable
>> branches and that if it does not apply it will be dropped silently,
>> while for the CC ones the release manager will notify you.
> In previous releases that was the way it worked: we always our best effort to
> apply CC and Fixes patches. The difference was that if we couldn't apply the
> patch, then we were only notifying in the pre-announcement "Rejected" section
> about the CC, and silently ignoring the Fixes.
> But nowadays, we notify about all the candidates to stable, which are CC and
> Fixes.
Here is an alternative wording, hopefully it will make things clearer:

Both CC and Fixes work and having both does not hurt.

Fixes provides clear indication when/where the problem originates.
Cc _explicitly_ requests the patch to be in stable - that's why we
have the list + late nominations.

It _explicit_ nomination does _not_ apply then the nominator is informed.


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