[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 1/2] isl: remove the cache line size alignment requirement

Lionel Landwerlin lionel.g.landwerlin at intel.com
Mon Feb 18 15:40:51 UTC 2019

On 18/02/2019 15:08, Chris Wilson wrote:
> Quoting Lionel Landwerlin (2019-02-18 15:06:15)
>> On 15/02/2019 14:43, Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez wrote:
>>> There are formats which bpp are not aligned to a power-of-two and
>>> that can cause problems in the checks we do.
>>> The cacheline size was a requirement for using the BLT engine, which
>>> we don't use anymore except for a few things on old HW, so we drop it.
>>> Fixes CTS's CL#3500 test:
>>> dEQP-VK.api.image_clearing.core.clear_color_image.2d.linear.single_layer.r8g8b8_unorm
>>> Signed-off-by: Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez <siglesias at igalia.com>
>> That looks good to me :
>> Reviewed-by: Lionel Landwerlin <lionel.g.landwerlin at intel.com>
>> I'm doing a CI run just to convince myself, so if you can wait for that.
> Is scanout a concern? The display engine also requires 64B alignment for
> linear.
> -Chris
Thanks for reminding us :)

I guess we need an additional check with if 
(isl_surf_usage_is_display(info->usage)) base_alignment_B = 
MAX(base_alignment_B, 64);


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