[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 18.3.2

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 11:44:28 UTC 2019

Mesa 18.3.2 is now available.

In this release candidate we have added more PCI IDs for AMD Vega devices and
a number of fixes for the RADV Vulkan drivers.

On the Intel side we have a selection ranging from quad swizzles support for
ICL to compiler fixes.

The nine state tracker has also seen some love as do the Broadcom drivers.

To top it all up, we have a healthy mount of build system fixes.

Alex Deucher (3):
      pci_ids: add new vega10 pci ids
      pci_ids: add new vega20 pci id
      pci_ids: add new VegaM pci id

Alexander von Gluck IV (1):
      egl/haiku: Fix reference to disp vs dpy

Andres Gomez (2):
      glsl: correct typo in GLSL compilation error message
      glsl/linker: specify proper direction in location aliasing error

Axel Davy (3):
      st/nine: Fix volumetexture dtor on ctor failure
      st/nine: Bind src not dst in nine_context_box_upload
      st/nine: Add src reference to nine_context_range_upload

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (5):
      radv: Do a cache flush if needed before reading predicates.
      radv: Implement buffer stores with less than 4 components.
      anv/android: Do not reject storage images.
      radv: Fix rasterization precision bits.
      spirv: Fix matrix parameters in function calls.

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (3):
      nir: properly clear the entry sources in copy_prop_vars
      nir: properly find the entry to keep in copy_prop_vars
      nir: remove dead code from copy_prop_vars

Dave Airlie (2):
      radv/xfb: fix counter buffer bounds checks.
      virgl/vtest: fix front buffer flush with protocol version 0.

Dylan Baker (6):
      meson: Fix ppc64 little endian detection
      meson: Add support for gnu hurd
      meson: Add toggle for glx-direct
      meson: Override C++ standard to gnu++11 when building with altivec on ppc64
      meson: Error out if building nouveau and using LLVM without rtti
      autotools: Remove tegra vdpau driver

Emil Velikov (13):
      docs: add sha256 checksums for 18.3.1
      bin/get-pick-list.sh: rework handing of sha nominations
      bin/get-pick-list.sh: warn when commit lists invalid sha
      cherry-ignore: meson: libfreedreno depends upon libdrm (for fence support)
      glx: mandate xf86vidmode only for "drm" dri platforms
      meson: don't require glx/egl/gbm with gallium drivers
      pipe-loader: meson: reference correct library
      TODO: glx: meson: build dri based glx tests, only with -Dglx=dri
      glx: meson: drop includes from a link-only library
      glx: meson: wire up the dispatch-index-check test
      glx/test: meson: assorted include fixes
      Update version to 18.3.2
      docs: add release notes for 18.3.2

Eric Anholt (6):
      v3d: Fix a leak of the transfer helper on screen destroy.
      vc4: Fix a leak of the transfer helper on screen destroy.
      v3d: Fix a leak of the disassembled instruction string during debug dumps.
      v3d: Make sure that a thrsw doesn't split a multop from its umul24.
      v3d: Add missing flagging of SYNCB as a TSY op.
      gallium/ttn: Fix setup of outputs_written.

Erik Faye-Lund (2):
      virgl: wrap vertex element state in a struct
      virgl: work around bad assumptions in virglrenderer

Francisco Jerez (5):
      intel/fs: Handle source modifiers in lower_integer_multiplication().
      intel/fs: Implement quad swizzles on ICL+.
      intel/fs: Fix bug in lower_simd_width while splitting an instruction which was already split.
      intel/eu/gen7: Fix brw_MOV() with DF destination and strided source.
      intel/fs: Respect CHV/BXT regioning restrictions in copy propagation pass.

Ian Romanick (2):
      i965/vec4/dce: Don't narrow the write mask if the flags are used
      Revert "nir/lower_indirect: Bail early if modes == 0"

Jan Vesely (1):
      clover: Fix build after clang r348827

Jason Ekstrand (6):
      nir/constant_folding: Fix source bit size logic
      intel/blorp: Be more conservative about copying clear colors
      spirv: Handle any bit size in vector_insert/extract
      anv/apply_pipeline_layout: Set the cursor in lower_res_reindex_intrinsic
      spirv: Sign-extend array indices
      intel/peephole_ffma: Fix swizzle propagation

Karol Herbst (1):
      nv50/ir: fix use-after-free in ConstantFolding::visit

Kirill Burtsev (1):
      loader: free error state, when checking the drawable type

Lionel Landwerlin (5):
      anv: don't do partial resolve on layer > 0
      i965: include draw_params/derived_draw_params for VF cache workaround
      i965: add CS stall on VF invalidation workaround
      anv: explictly specify format for blorp ccs/mcs op
      anv: flush fast clear colors into compressed surfaces

Marek Olšák (1):
      st/mesa: don't leak pipe_surface if pipe_context is not current

Mario Kleiner (1):
      radeonsi: Fix use of 1- or 2- component GL_DOUBLE vbo's.

Nicolai Hähnle (1):
      meson: link LLVM 'native' component when LLVM is available

Rhys Perry (3):
      radv: don't set surf_index for stencil-only images
      ac/nir,radv,radeonsi/nir: use correct indices for interpolation intrinsics
      ac: split 16-bit ssbo loads that may not be dword aligned

Rob Clark (2):
      freedreno/drm: fix memory leak
      mesa/st/nir: fix missing nir_compact_varyings

Samuel Pitoiset (1):
      radv: switch on EOP when primitive restart is enabled with triangle strips

Timothy Arceri (2):
      tgsi/scan: fix loop exit point in tgsi_scan_tess_ctrl()
      tgsi/scan: correctly walk instructions in tgsi_scan_tess_ctrl()

Vinson Lee (2):
      meson: Fix typo.
      meson: Fix libsensors detection.

git tag: mesa-18.3.2

MD5:  1ccc077d49355a747a4013afb043f2b8  mesa-18.3.2.tar.gz
SHA1: 90285945db33dcb6f47a52aa1a622349d6051c18  mesa-18.3.2.tar.gz
SHA256: 1cde4fafd40cd1ad4ee3a13b364b7a0175a08b7afdd127fb46f918c1e1dfd4b0  mesa-18.3.2.tar.gz
SHA512: 635fb21303e16c9ece7993574e19e8d346f97cfbd34daefe54d87f1198d1da12c07cdb0a16b7ee9eb6115241f536a68da0a8542baf310a0c1c7d4f3b07d0d84b  mesa-18.3.2.tar.gz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-18.3.2.tar.gz.sig

MD5:  4a82bf3ac2e81493a1a84dd7581ec786  mesa-18.3.2.tar.xz
SHA1: 8775d7bfac7e07141ac4299888d426d5550949f7  mesa-18.3.2.tar.xz
SHA256: f7ce7181c07b6d8e0132da879af1729523a6c8aa87f79a9d59dfd064024cfb35  mesa-18.3.2.tar.xz
SHA512: 34b66520728d720b1f3d3d63f8ba5c255d57b9e8fe427264419e4163b474df662ff6db9ca8b81283866da415e34346a4c39fc37bebe2a0929be14480faf4db45  mesa-18.3.2.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-18.3.2.tar.xz.sig

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