[Mesa-dev] [Bug 110815] Segfault vkCreateDescriptorPool in The-Forge on RADV

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Tue Jun 4 03:38:07 UTC 2019


--- Comment #6 from Alex Fuller <boberfly at gmail.com> ---
I managed to do some testing and I can now trigger the bug. It looks like when
creating a vkCreateDescriptorPool of size 11 which is the default
VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_RANGE_SIZE everything is fine which is the behaviour I get
before. Because I updated the headers of Vulkan, the NV raytracing extensions
are now in the headers, and the size increases to 12 now in The-Forge codebase
from a preprocessor define. Their comment on this:
"//+1 for Acceleration Structure because it is not counted by

So this segfault crash looks like there is some limit of
VK_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_RANGE_SIZE when creating pools on RADV. Is there some
hardware limitation? ConfettiFX I am pretty sure are testing AMD's Vulkan
driver and haven't reported an issue afaik.


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