[Mesa-dev] about building radeonsi drivers with meson

cloudwin cloudwin at yeah.net
Fri Jun 21 13:43:01 UTC 2019

I used to build radeonsi drivers, like radeonsi_dri.so and radeonsi_drv_video.so by autogen in old version mesa, but when I switch to meson which is the only way to build mesa driver now, I find radeonsi_dri.so can not be generated, I used this to build drivers:
 meson -Dgallium-drivers=radeonsi ./build
cd ./build

but only ./src/gallium/targets/dri/libgallium_dri.so and ./src/gallium/targets/va/libgallium_drv_video.so are generated, how can I get radeonsi_dri.so and radeonsi_drv_video.so with meson?
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