[Mesa-dev] [clover] Compilation of latest 'libclc git' with LLVM 11.0.0git need ROCm?! - Didn't hit that ever before.

Dieter Nützel Dieter at nuetzel-hh.de
Wed Apr 15 03:25:51 UTC 2020

Hello Jan, hello all,

compiling latest libclc git
9aa6f35 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) travis: Add LLVM 9 

with LLVM 11.0.0git from today
b30246087a3 (HEAD -> master) [llvm][StringExtras] Add missing include of 

./configure.py && time nice +19 make -j8

resulted in this error:

PREPARE-BUILTINS built_libs/tahiti-amdgcn--.bc
LLVM-CC amdgcn--amdhsa/lib/workitem/get_global_size.cl.bc
clang-11: error: cannot find ROCm installation.  Provide its path via 
--rocm-path, or pass -nogpulib.
make: *** [Makefile:8132: 
amdgcn--amdhsa/lib/workitem/get_global_size.cl.bc] Fehler 1
242.706u 1.148s 4:03.87 99.9%   0+0k 0+177176io 0pf+0w

Since when is ROCm needed?



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