[Mesa-dev] New Mesa3D.org website proposal

Erik Faye-Lund erik.faye-lund at collabora.com
Thu May 7 10:33:05 UTC 2020

Hey Brian

TLDR; are you OK with me moving forward with the rework of mesa3d.org?

As you hopefully are aware of, I've been working on a new website for
mesa3d.org, split into a "marketing"-frontpage and a documentation

You can read more about the structure and details here if you haven't

That MR only deals with the marketing website, so I think it's time to
talk more about the main website. What I currently have is located


This builds on CI and currently gets served here:


Since last time I published any details about this, I've:
1. Switched the static-site-generator from Jekyll to Hugo. This lead to
a build-time decrease from about two minutes to about 200ms on my
machine. This makes iteration times a lot more bearable.
2. Back-paddled on moving some pages. I think we can hold off on moving
pages to the website until the initial work lands.
3. Gotten approval from the Khronos marketing team about the usage of
their logos / trademarks. They had some minor requests for changes,
which has been taken into account.

The news articles and redirects for URL compatibility is converted from
a branch in my Mesa fork, here:


So, after a long introduction (sorry if a lot of this is stuff you
already know), what I really want is for you Brian, as the project
originator and listed webmaster, to say how you feel about all of this.

If you're happy to move forward with this, I will start the technical
discussions with the FDO admins and other people who might need to be
involved in setting this up for production.

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