[Mesa-dev] [EXTERNAL] Cross-compile from Linux to Windows

Jesse Natalie jenatali at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 9 15:06:31 UTC 2020

Have you tried using Meson on Windows, instead of cross-compiling? If you run it from a Visual Studio command prompt, it should just work out of the box, at least for x86. I believe you'll need to use a cross file for amd64, but the only thing you'd need to specify is the host architecture.

Though I guess if you're building LLVMPipe you'll need to point it to LLVM. In my experience, adding "--cmake-prefix-path" to the Meson command line should work well.


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I'm sorry to bother you in the dev list but it seems to be the only one with activity so it seems like the best place to ask.

I maintain some Mesa builds for Windows. These are builds of libgl-gdi with llvmpipe, for both x86 and x86_64; in other words, they're opengl32.dll files that users can drop into their game/application to have software rendering for OpenGL as a workaround for broken drivers or as a fallback for older systems.
I've always used scons on Windows and msvc as a compiler to make these builds, but now that scons is being deprecated I've been trying to use meson and ninja to cross-compile from Linux (amd64) to Windows (both x86 and x86_64) without much success. I can get regular Linux builds without issues though.

I tried reading the Mesa documentation on cross-compiling but it's very minimal and it's partially obsolete so I thought it would be best to ask you directly: how do I make these builds? Explain like I'm 5, basically.



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