[Mesa-dev] Mesa 20.2.x and GL_RG8_SNORM/GL_NONE

Daniel Mota Leite daniel at motaleite.net
Fri Oct 16 02:17:40 UTC 2020

> 	Since i updated to mesa 20.2.0 and then to 20.2.1, i'm unable to
> load war thunder game, it now just returns:
> Unsupported format/type: GL_RG8_SNORM/GL_NONE

	The other use found that running as a different user the game run,
so after some debug, we found that we had the mesa_no_error" option
enabled, from past tests. With this option disabled, the game runs again 
without any problem.

	Still, do not know if the problem was trigger by a game update or
by the mesa 20.2.x update. The no_error did give a small performance 
increase in the past.

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