[Mesa-dev] Mesa 20.2.x and GL_RG8_SNORM/GL_NONE

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Fri Oct 16 04:28:30 UTC 2020

Generally, you need to be careful with forcing no_error.  Some apps
rely on gl errors to check for features and other things.
Force-disabling errors may break the app.  Mesa's implementation of
the no_error extension has been a gradual process where people have
been removing the error checking paths one at a time as time permits.
It's entirely possible that an error checking path that the app relies
on got removed from Mesa.  The solution to this is to stop forcing


On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 9:17 PM Daniel Mota Leite <daniel at motaleite.net> wrote:
> >       Since i updated to mesa 20.2.0 and then to 20.2.1, i'm unable to
> > load war thunder game, it now just returns:
> >
> > Unsupported format/type: GL_RG8_SNORM/GL_NONE
>         The other use found that running as a different user the game run,
> so after some debug, we found that we had the mesa_no_error" option
> enabled, from past tests. With this option disabled, the game runs again
> without any problem.
>         Still, do not know if the problem was trigger by a game update or
> by the mesa 20.2.x update. The no_error did give a small performance
> increase in the past.
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