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Hello Jan,
On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 12:45 PM Zielinski, Jan <jan.zielinski at intel.com>

> > Is there any document for extending SWR for architectures other than
> Intel?
> Unfortunately not. SWR was not architected to be portable beyond CPUs with
> different levels of AVX ISAs.
> > It seems like SWR uses llvm_pipe shader creation, so is it still based
> on tgsi IR to LLVM conversion?
> Yes, it is still based on TGSI.
> > Is there a path from NIR->LLVM (it seems so as per
> https://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=LLVM-Switches-To-NIR-Default
> ?
> For SWR no - it does not exist, at least not yet. From the top of my head,
> I don't really know how much effort it would be to port SWR to NIR, but I
> do plan to look into it. At some point...
> > Is the above idea possible at high-level? or I am missing lots of
> important points?
> The most important point you may be missing is the fact that rasterization
> in SWR is not based on LLVM. It based on AVX intrinsics (see code in
> src/gallium/drivers/swr/rasterizer/core/). This is probably the biggest
> problem if you target any other architecture. Most probably you would need
> to rewrite the rasterizer to use LLVM IR or to some kind of language that
> is based on LLVM and supports explicit vectorization, like ISPC. Rewriting
> is most probably easier than convincing the community to introduce ISPC (or
> any other new language) dependency to Mesa, though. ;-)
Thanks for the information.

> > Overall idea is to have SWR retargettable for any architecture that is
> supported by LLVM codege and also don't want to use TGSI instead use NIR.
> Are you thinking about using SWR for Libre-SOC?
Yes but for now I am developing simple thing similar to
https://github.com/baldurk/visor that is enough for experiments.

> BR,
> Jan
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