[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 20.1.8

Eric Engestrom eric at engestrom.ch
Wed Sep 16 17:55:01 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I'd like to announce Mesa 20.1.8, the eighth bugfix release for the 20.1 branch.

The next bugfix release is planned for 2 weeks from now, on 2020-09-30.



Andrey Vostrikov (1):
      egl/x11: Free memory allocated for reply structures on error

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (2):
      radv: Fix threading issue with submission refcounts.
      radeonsi: Work around Wasteland 2 bug.

Danylo Piliaiev (1):
      intel/compiler: Fix pointer arithmetic when reading shader assembly

Dave Airlie (1):
      gallivm: disable brilinear for lod bias and explicit lod.

Eric Anholt (2):
      gallium/tgsi_exec: Fix up NumOutputs counting
      freedreno: Make the pack struct have a .qword for wide addresses.

Eric Engestrom (6):
      docs/relnotes: add sha256 sums to 20.1.7
      .pick_status.json: Update to 123bdb61cc0be64ee29b63cf27565ec98c2a0ab8
      .pick_status.json: Mark c8ac01af33a5bc63822915f08f89a7dbaf7d433f as denominated
      meson: drop leftover PTHREAD_SETAFFINITY_IN_NP_HEADER
      docs: add release notes for 20.1.8
      VERSION: bump to release 20.1.8

Icecream95 (1):
      pan/mdg: Fix spilling of non-32-bit types

Jason Ekstrand (3):
      intel/fs: Don't copy-propagate stride=0 sources into ddx/ddy
      spirv: Run repair_ssa if there are discard instructions
      nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes

Jordan Justen (1):
      anv, iris: Set MediaSamplerDOPClockGateEnable for gen12+

Marek Olšák (1):
      Revert "ac: generate FMA for inexact instructions for radeonsi"

Michel Zou (1):
      swr: fix build with mingw

Nanley Chery (2):
      iris: Fix aux assertion in resource_get_handle
      blorp: Fix alignment test for HIZ_CCS_WT fast-clears

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (5):
      mesa: rename _mesa_free_errors_data
      mesa: add bool param to _mesa_free_context_data
      mesa/st: release debug_output after destroying the context
      r600/uvd: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
      radeon/vcn: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap

Qiang Yu (2):
      radeonsi: fix syncobj wait timeout
      radeonsi: fix max syncobj wait timeout

Rhys Perry (2):
      aco: fix byte_align_scalar for 3 dword vectors
      nir/opt_if: fix opt_if_merge when destination branch has a jump

Timur Kristóf (1):
      aco: Fix emit_boolean_exclusive_scan in wave32 mode.

Tony Wasserka (3):
      radv: Fix various non-critical integer overflows
      aco: Fix integer overflows when emitting parallel copies during RA
      amd/common: Fix various non-critical integer overflows

git tag: mesa-20.1.8

SHA256: df21351494f7caaec5a3ccc16f14f15512e98d2ecde178bba1d134edc899b961  mesa-20.1.8.tar.xz
SHA512: 519b0e2837982d097c362d974a90c94efd1cdf14505fc43eaa740a23c042bc0c3f04d0edaf6b371966d82667cade6d0c68c92528e1be6c12884b38c67fd064c1  mesa-20.1.8.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-20.1.8.tar.xz.sig

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