[Mesa-dev] should we do GSoC 2021?

Trevor Woerner twoerner at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 03:40:31 UTC 2021

Hi Omar,

On Wed 2021-02-10 @ 02:31:11 PM, Omar Emara wrote:
> If applying to GSoC will not take much time from you, I think you should apply
> regardless and leave the acceptance decision on a per-project basis.

GSoC works, literally, the other way around. Unfortunately GSoC doesn't start
with students expressing their interest, then organizations applying based
on the student interest they receive. GSoC starts with mentors willing to
volunteer to mentor, then organizations deciding to apply based on the level
of interest expressed by potential volunteers, then google selecting which
organizations can participate, then students expressing an interest.

Without a proper task list XOrg will not be selected by Google to participate
in GSoC. Google has always been clear that the task list is one of the most
important criteria for deciding which organizations they pick to participate.
Mentors need to update the task list with ideas they're willing to mentor. So
far nobody has volunteered to mentor, and by extension, nobody has volunteered
to update the tasks to fit into the new constraints Google is applying to GSoC

Organization applications close Feb 19, if there are no mentors we can't
possibly consider participating.

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