[Mesa-dev] lavapipe vulkan driver win32 port: call for help

Michel Zou Xantares09 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 11 09:09:11 UTC 2021


I started to work on the software vulkan driver (lavapipe) win32 port:
up to the point it builds and "runs" but nothing is displayed with the vkcube example (from Vulkan-Tools).
It is probably an issue with the buffer not being properly copied or something (I'm not really good with these windows apis)

I dont know if I'll have time to work on it anymore.
I'm looking for someone willing to help to give it the last push.

Just in case, here is how to enable it:
meson build -Dgallium-drivers=swrast -Dvulkan-drivers=swrast
So far I only used mingw, not msvc.

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