Beginner to driver dev, looking for advice

Nils Petter Skålerud np_skalerud at
Fri Dec 30 00:41:14 UTC 2022

My name is Nils Petter Skålerud, my online handle is Didgy. I'm 
currently trying to learn to write graphics drivers, with the intent of 
contributing to Mesa (Ideally Intel, RPi4, Arm Mali). I am currently 
familiar with C/C++ and writing Vulkan applications.

Currently I'm focusing on engaging with the IRC channels I can find on 
the subject, and reading the Linux subsystem documentation for GPU 
driver devs. Also I am focusing on debugging some of the drivers and 
learning what I can.

I am facing a hard time finding good learning resources on the topic and 
would like any recommendations I can get. I'd very much appreciate any 
sort of guidance possible.

I can be reached on my e-mail np_skalerud at Also I can be 
reached on Discord "Didgy#5975".

Sincerely, Nils Petter Skålerud

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