Fwd: Debian 11 libegl1-mesa (20.3.5-1) - backport a fix

Hiren hir3npatel at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 08:38:30 UTC 2022

I wonder if this should go into upstream mesa instead of debian 11?

We are looking to have a fix in mesa 22.0 backported to mesa 20.3. See
https://github.com/Smithay/smithay/issues/438#issuecomment-1159750086 for

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Subject: Debian 11 libegl1-mesa (20.3.5-1) - backport a fix
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Please see

We're looking to backport a mesa 22.0 fix to 20.3 which is what debian 11
ships with.

Could you assist with how this can be done please. Thanks.
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