[Mesa-users] Use shaders with OSMesa?

tom fogal tfogal at alumni.unh.edu
Sun Jun 13 15:49:53 PDT 2010

Satya Meka <guts at gutsblow.com> writes:
> I am using OSMesa because I need offscreen rendering. Now I am
> wondering how to use shaders?

The only thing different about OSMesa versus standard OpenGL is how you
create and teardown a rendering context.  Thus you'd use shaders in
exactly the same way you would if you were using libGL.

> If I try to include glew.h, osmesa.h won't compile. Any help will be
> highly appreciated. Thank you!

Please describe exactly what you did and then copy-paste error
messages.  Include glew.h where?  Can you post a simple program?  What
were the compilation errors you saw? etc.



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