[RFT] CDMA SMS support in QMI modems

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at lanedo.com
Mon Aug 26 11:43:27 PDT 2013

>> The 'aleksander/cdma-sms' branch in the git repository implements
>> CDMA/3GPP2 SMS support in QMI based modems.
>> The generic SMS interface was extended to include two 3GPP2 specific
>> properties:
>>  * TeleserviceId
>>  * ServiceCategory
>> Receiving and listing stored SMS messages should work for SMS of any
>> category; but only for the limited set of fields that I have currently
>> implemented support for.
>> Sending SMS messages is currently limited to the WMT TeleserviceId,
>> which is anyway what you would normally use when sending point-to-point
>> SMS messages.
>> Testing should be pretty straightforward; just grab a CDMA QMI-based
>> modem which implements the 'WMS' service, and:
> Should the code just default to WMT for simplicity?  Anyone who needs
> something special or to send specific messages can clearly send other
> message types by setting teleservice-id.

Right now having a 'teleservice-id' is the way we decide what kind of
SMS we create; if there is such parameter we build a 3GPP2 SMS;
otherwise a 3GPP SMS. Of course, this is only meaningful in 3GPP2+3GPP
capable modems; but in those it's probably just ok to create a 3GPP one.
So yeah, defaulting to WMT teleservice by default is something we could do.


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