[RFT] CDMA SMS support in QMI modems

Dan Williams dcbw at redhat.com
Mon Aug 26 13:54:38 PDT 2013

On Mon, 2013-08-26 at 20:43 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> >>
> >> The 'aleksander/cdma-sms' branch in the git repository implements
> >> CDMA/3GPP2 SMS support in QMI based modems.
> >>
> >> The generic SMS interface was extended to include two 3GPP2 specific
> >> properties:
> >>  * TeleserviceId
> >>  * ServiceCategory
> >>
> >> Receiving and listing stored SMS messages should work for SMS of any
> >> category; but only for the limited set of fields that I have currently
> >> implemented support for.
> >>
> >> Sending SMS messages is currently limited to the WMT TeleserviceId,
> >> which is anyway what you would normally use when sending point-to-point
> >> SMS messages.
> >>
> >> Testing should be pretty straightforward; just grab a CDMA QMI-based
> >> modem which implements the 'WMS' service, and:
> > 
> > Should the code just default to WMT for simplicity?  Anyone who needs
> > something special or to send specific messages can clearly send other
> > message types by setting teleservice-id.
> > 
> Right now having a 'teleservice-id' is the way we decide what kind of
> SMS we create; if there is such parameter we build a 3GPP2 SMS;
> otherwise a 3GPP SMS. Of course, this is only meaningful in 3GPP2+3GPP
> capable modems; but in those it's probably just ok to create a 3GPP one.
> So yeah, defaulting to WMT teleservice by default is something we could do.

I think we have to get Ben to test this.  The only Verizon subscription
I have is an LTE-capable SIM, and any non-LTE modules don't care about
SIM cards (and thus the module wouldn't register with the network for
me) and any LTE modules would probably just use 3GPP mode or somehow
emulate it.  I could try locking my device into EVDO-only mode and see,
but that's not a very good test since the firmware might just handle the
teleservice ID automatically since it's LTE capable...

If Ben has an Gobi2K or Gobi3K devices lying around, that would work
(like an original Chromebook CR-48 or something).


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