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Mon Jul 28 08:19:46 PDT 2014

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On 07/17/2014 12:22 AM, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> Erinn Looney-Triggs <erinn.looneytriggs at> writes:
>> No problem. Unfortunately I may have spoken too soon. When I doo
>> a warm reboot from windows into linux the modem works, when I
>> start the system cold the modem doesn't work. I am going to try a
>> few other combinations of things just to verify, so I'll get back
>> to you.
>> Reminds me of my first Gobi modem which needed gobi_loader, I
>> thought we were past that point but maybe it still needs a
>> firmware loaded? I hope I haven't been missing that point all
>> along.
> Loading a firmware should not be necessary, but maybe selecting
> the correct one is?
> The newer modules can support multiple operator configurations.
> And possibly also multiple images? See the AT commands
> AT!GOBIIMPREF? and AT!PRIID? referred to in this discussion: 
> If this is the issue, then maybe the mmcli "--firmware-list" and 
> "--firmware-select=[Unique ID]" commands can help too?  I have no
> clue as I don't have any module supporting more than a single
> operator config AFAIK.
> Bjørn

No problem at all. As long as y'all don't mind the slow responses
here, as much as I would like this to be my only priority, well I have
other things.

So the modem is even more odd than all that I have implied. If, after
running the firmware update in windows, I warm reboot the system into
Fedora, the modem will work. However, it only works that once, the
firmware update needs to be run again in windows in order for the
modem to work under linux again, and again only that once.

It doesn't appear that I have multiple firmwares:
sudo mmcli --firmware-list -m 0
error: modem has no firmware capabilities

So if any of this rings any bells or brings up any ideas let me know.
Otherwise, I'll keep poking at it to see what I can see.

- -Erinn

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