Ericsson C5621gw and GPS support

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon May 12 07:41:15 PDT 2014

Maksim Melnikau <maxposedon at> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm having C5621gw modem in my thinkpad helix, and it works quite well
> for internet. I tried to follow
> and after sending commands AT*E2GPSCTL=1,1,1 to /dev/ttyACM1 and
> AT*E2GPSNPD to /dev/ttyACM2 I could see nmea data.
> So, I think it will be good to implement support of gps for this modem
> in ModemManager. I would like to try, but need a help.
> 1. What is correct way to add support of GPS to ModemManager mdm plugin?

I guess you would have to implement a MMIfaceModemLocation interface in
the "mbm" plugin.  There is an example of an AT command based GPS
interface in plugins/option/mm-broadband-modem-hso.c

> 2. How AGPS feature could be added? (E.g. I would like to help gps get
> fix faster, when internet is on)

Do you know how to manage that?  Are there any magic AT commands
configuring it?


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