Static IP configuration for QMI devices

Dan Williams dcbw at
Fri May 23 16:11:38 PDT 2014

On Sat, 2014-05-24 at 00:24 +0200, Thomas Schäfer wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014, 13:43:35 schrieb Aleksander Morgado:
> > Hey hey,
> > 
> > As we do for MBIM, I think we already discussed that we can try to use
> > the static IP config that the QMI modem reports instead of requesting
> > DHCP.
> I heard something similar at the IPv6-Kongress in Frankfurt a.M. these days.
> (mandatory support of outband config and only optional support of inband 
> config).
> > 
> > I've pushed a 'aleksander/qmi-static' branch to upstream git which
> > enables this by default. Any comments?
> This solves some problems and it creates new ones.
> No problems with DNS (rfc6106 and or DHCPv6) anymore, but new problems with 
> SLAAC and Privacy Extensions.

I'm not sure SLAAC and privacy extensions will work on QMI devices
unless there's some built-in support for that in the protocol that I'm
not aware of.  The address you get from the firmware is pretty much your
public IPv6 address, at least with the providers I've tried (Verizon and
T-Mobile).  Besides, the 1/2 the point of privacy extensions was to
ensure your MAC address wasn't publicly available, and WWAN devices
don't have MAC addresses.  Besides, isn't the IP address actually
assigned by the SGW anyway, so it wouldn't have anything to do with your


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