Static IPv6 configuration for QMI devices

Thomas Schäfer tschaefer at
Sat May 24 03:40:15 PDT 2014

Am Freitag, 23. Mai 2014, 18:11:38 schrieb Dan Williams:

> I'm not sure SLAAC and privacy extensions will work on QMI devices
> unless there's some built-in support for that in the protocol that I'm
> not aware of.  

The devices, I have,  work with slaac.( the modems in lower part of the table 
are ipv6-capable qmi-devices, )

> The address you get from the firmware is pretty much your
> public IPv6 address, at least with the providers I've tried (Verizon and
> T-Mobile).  Besides, the 1/2 the point of privacy extensions was to
> ensure your MAC address wasn't publicly available, and WWAN devices
> don't have MAC addresses. 

Yes, there were problems with mac addresses at some devices, but Bjørn Mork 
has solved these problems, if I remember correctly.

> Besides, isn't the IP address actually
> assigned by the SGW anyway, so it wouldn't have anything to do with your
> IMSI/IMEI/etc?

Prefixes, /64. I don't care about IMSI or other mobile specific numbers.

I have an IPv6-test account(vodafone germany) again, within the next days I 
will start to test again and compare the mm-logs with the results of slaac.

For IPv6-DNS-resolver we need outband config anyway.


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