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Tue Jul 19 23:11:45 UTC 2016


I was just finishing up a patch for swwan support in the Cinterion plugin.
During my testing I noticed that with the PLS8-X & no SIM card inserted
mmcli gives a timeout error instead of a no-sim error. I traced it back to
'mm-inface-modem.c' where there is a bitwise operation:
return !((MM_MODEM_CAPABILITY_CDMA_EVDO ^ capabilities) & capabilities);
--> 1^0=1 & 0 = !0=1
Which defaults a modem that fails to load capabilities as a cdma modem. Is
there something I'm missing or just a bug? If it looks like just a bug let
me know and I'll include a fix in the patch I'll be submitting shortly.

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