FCC authentication with QMI over MBIM; try 1

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Tue Jun 7 04:25:09 UTC 2016


I've pushed several updates to the "qmi-over-mbim" branches in all
libqmi, libmbim and ModemManager. Totally untested, so please someone
try to get a run with a MBIM modem that requires the FCC auth command
with ModemManager --debug.

I don't expect a successful run with this first version, but debug
logs or even patches on top of the branches will definitely help.

Some notes:
 * First, build and install libmbim.
 * Second, configure libqmi with --enable-mbim-qmux, build it and
install it. (the configure option is now set to "auto", so if you
already have libmbim installed, the explicit --enable-mbim-qmux may
not be needed).
 * Third, build ModemManager and install it.

I added the FCC auth try when the modem tries to get online; if it
fails, it will try the fcc auth logic via QMI (hopefully, as I said,
untested), and then retry to go online. As said, don't worry if it
doesn't work yet, bug logs welcome.


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