Sierra Wireless EM7455

Ralph Plawetzki ralph at
Wed Jun 8 12:23:04 UTC 2016

Am 05.06.2016 um 15:49 schrieb Ralph Plawetzki:
> I'll test it when the device will be back in my reach at Monday evening.
> The modem is run on Arch linux and libqmi and libmbim are compiled from
> the qmi-over-mbim branches so as far as I understand it the modem is
> already run in QMI-over-MBIM mode. At least issueing the
> dms-set-fcc-authentication command with qmicli works:
> [ralph at six ~]$ sudo qmicli -p -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --device-open-mbim
> --dms-set-fcc-authentication
> [/dev/cdc-wdm0] Successfully set FCC authentication
> Is there another command to flip the device to QMI mode?
> After this is done, how would I change the preferred-mode to 3g then?
> Thanks,

Just a short notice that I could not find a way to flip the device to
QMI mode. I tried the udev rules here [1] but that did not work.

Giving up now.

Kind regards,


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