Cinterion plugin (in)compatibilities

colin.helliwell at colin.helliwell at
Fri Feb 10 14:40:24 UTC 2017

For simplicity, I'd begun my exploration of MM using the Generic plugin. My
design has a choice of two Cinterion modems (BGS2 and EHS5), though they
don't have much of the functionality supported by the Cinterion plugin such
as GPS. 

But because of one command incompatibility (CMER) with the Generic, I
decided to try the Cinterion plugin. This addresses the CMER issue, but
throws up more incompatibilities due to differing versions of Cinterion
commands sets.

If Generic turns out to be the closest fit then I could just patch it as
needed. But I also wondered if there's a key Maintainer of the Cinterion
plugin who might like to discuss what I've found with a view to
incorporating the variations somehow? Or I could patch the plugin. Or I
could generate *another* Cinterion plugin..


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