problem with dell latitude

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Nov 17 11:25:22 UTC 2017

>> Your modem, from the original traces you sent a while back, had this
>> vid:pid pair: VID 0x413C PID 0x81A3, and that is not listed in the
>> lsusb output; i.e. the kernel knows nothing about the modem. Is this
>> maybe disabled by a wireless hardware switch?
> now i have also new laptop - e6570 and yesterday I've installed Fedora 27.
> Wireless hardware switch is enabled, I'm using wireless network only - but
> I've installed sim card into my laptop to have secondary internet access
> during trips. I'm not able to configure internet connection using my sim
> card.

No idea; there's nothing we can do in MM if the kernel doesn't expose
the modem. Check the bios maybe and see if there's something disabled
there? Is there anything reported in "rfkill list"?


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