[review] https://github.com/cbchan/ModemManager/tree/sim-mbim-unlock-retries

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Mon Sep 18 16:01:30 UTC 2017

> I overlooked one thing when I revised the patches based on Dan's
> suggestion,  and also missed that in my testing :-(
> MMSimMbim:update_modem_unlock_retries() calls
> mm_iface_modem_update_unlock_retries() to report remaining attempts
> PIN1.  That won't affect MMBroadbandModemMbimPriv::sim_pin_retries. My
> original approach was to handle all MMUnlockRetries updates via
> MMIfaceModem.
> If we prefer caching PIN1 retries in MMBroadbandModemMbim,
> MMBroadbandModemMbim needs to provide a method (e.g.
> mm_broadband_modem_mbm_set_sim_pin_retries) for MMSimMbim to propagate
> the information.  Would you prefer that or should I go back to my
> original approach?

Probably better to go with the old approach I think; I wouldn't like
MMIfaceModem code to call MMBroadbandModemMbim APIs.


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