Merge into OpenWrt?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Thu May 2 07:37:43 UTC 2019

Nick <mips171 at> writes:

> Is there any interest in making ModemManager an official OpenWrt
> package?

Yes.  Aleksander already requested help doing that:

> It seems like they would accept it.  Is there a TODO?

luci integration is a weird place to start... You'd need to have the
library dependencies, modemmanager and proto support in place first,
won't you?  This should go into the packages feed IMHO.

I am sure they will happily accept these packages.  There aren't many
restrictions wrt what goes into OpenWrt.  The only real requirement is
that someone can sort of commit to maintaining the packages.

>From what I can tell, the packages look like they are in good shape.  So
the TODO would be something like:

1) move the existing libmbim, libqmi and modemmanager packages into
   their appropriate places in the OpenWrt 'packages' repo
2) update PKG_MAINTAINER (unless you are Aleksander :-)
3) test. Build everything for every supported platform, or at least a
   few of them. Run on as many hardware conbinations as possible.
4) test again
5) send pull request against OpenWrt upstream 'packages' repo
6) follow up and fix any issues pointed out by reviewers
7) maintain the packages indefinitely, making sure they continue to
   build as dependencies are updated, and that they are updated as soon
   as new releases are made


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