Merge into OpenWrt?

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon May 6 10:54:12 UTC 2019


> > Is there any interest in making ModemManager an official OpenWrt
> > package?
> Yes.  Aleksander already requested help doing that:
> > It seems like they would accept it.  Is there a TODO?
> >
> luci integration is a weird place to start... You'd need to have the
> library dependencies, modemmanager and proto support in place first,
> won't you?  This should go into the packages feed IMHO.
> I am sure they will happily accept these packages.  There aren't many
> restrictions wrt what goes into OpenWrt.  The only real requirement is
> that someone can sort of commit to maintaining the packages.
> From what I can tell, the packages look like they are in good shape.  So
> the TODO would be something like:
> 1) move the existing libmbim, libqmi and modemmanager packages into
>    their appropriate places in the OpenWrt 'packages' repo
> 2) update PKG_MAINTAINER (unless you are Aleksander :-)

I would be very very happy to leave the openwrt package management to
someone else truth be told :D

> 3) test. Build everything for every supported platform, or at least a
>    few of them. Run on as many hardware conbinations as possible.
> 4) test again
> 5) send pull request against OpenWrt upstream 'packages' repo
> 6) follow up and fix any issues pointed out by reviewers
> 7) maintain the packages indefinitely, making sure they continue to
>    build as dependencies are updated, and that they are updated as soon
>    as new releases are made

Please note I moved the openwrt packaging setup to fd.o gitlab not long ago:

Whenever these are integrated in openwrt, I'll just remove that repo I guess.


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